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News & Announcements


Creekside is in need of a crossing guard substitute when our crossing guard is not available and we are not able to get a staff member to substitute from the school. If you are interested in being a crossing guard sub for Creekside only, please email and we will get you in touch with the correct person at the school district office. You would only be asked to sub when you are available for Creekside; not other schools. 


The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is pleased to announce that it has adopted a new, anonymous online reporting tool through a company called CatapultEMS. This site-based reporting system is now available on our school website and can be used by any member of the school community to report incidents related to bullying, threats, or other situations that may pose a danger or bring harm to members of our school community. 


To report an incident (anonymously or not), please visit the school’s website and look for the ”anonymous tip line” button. When you click the button, you will be directed to fill out an online form that will be sent directly to our school’s response team for investigation and resolution. As always, if it is a life threatening emergency, please contact 911.


Students must feel safe in order to learn. The anonymous tip line is another tool that we are providing as part of our ongoing commitment to create a safe, secure, and healthy campus that  allows all students to maximize their learning potential. We believe that by partnering with students, staff and parents to take immediate action when incidents impact our school, we can more readily identify and resolve barriers to student success. 


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our school. 


Dear Creekside Families,
An email message (pasted below) from the school district was sent out in the last hour notifying all of us that school is canceled for tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 16).  We are resending this email to our Creekside community from our school email address to make sure no Creekside family misses this information. I want to thank everyone for your support during this very challenging week for our students and staff. I especially want to thank the Creekside staff for their support in opening up their classrooms all week so that students could remain inside for recess, lunch, and PE. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving vacation full of family, fun, and great food. We also hope that the communities in Butte County and across California begin to heal from these terrible fires.

See you back at school on Monday, November 26th. Go Comets! 

Mr. T, Principal 

All SRVUSD Schools CLOSED Friday November 16, 2018

Dear SRVUSD Parents,

As we continue to struggle with poor air quality, we want to inform you that the San Ramon Valley Unified School District has made the difficult decision to close our schools for tomorrow, Friday, November 16, 2018. ALL school districts in Contra Costa County and Alameda County are closed tomorrow.

We do not take this decision lightly and recognize that closing schools presents a unique set of challenges. The air quality forecast for tomorrow is expected to deteriorate, and we believe that closing schools and all district central support offices and facilities is in the best interest of our students and staff.

Please note that all 36 SRVUSD schools will be closed to all school activities, both indoors and outdoors, including athletic home and away competitions, practices, and scrimmages tomorrow and Saturday. The only exception would be for out of the area CIF high school playoff games, which will be determined and announced by the CIF office. For high school athletic teams in season during Thanksgiving Break, we will notify you by the evening of Sunday, November 18 regarding practices and games.

We want everyone to know how grateful we are for your patience during this very trying week. We especially want to acknowledge our staff for their commitment to the students.

As we approach the Thanksgiving weekend and reflect upon the conditions and losses in Butte County and across our State, we have much to be grateful for, including a wonderful community and beautiful place to call home. We wish all of our families a safe, enjoyable and restful Thanksgiving break. We look forward to a renewed outlook and many good times ahead when we return.

Take care,
Elizabeth Graswich

Director of Communications & Community Relations

Posted 11/15/18


Dear Creekside Comet Families,

Happy Fall!  Having settled in to another busy school year, I hope you’ve noticed that your Comet Fund Board has been hard at work, preparing for another productive and rewarding year of fundraising for our school.  You’ve seen us at Registration, Back-to-School Night, and the Comet Chase.  In fact, you’re probably sick of hearing from us at this point… But, we want to provide you with an update about our recent successes as well as the challenges that remain.  


Let me start by thanking all of our Comet Families who took the time to participate in our Spring Parent Meeting.  Your participation, coupled with principal and teacher input, guided our budget process for the 2018-2019 school year.  The Comet Fund goal for 2018-2019 is $363,400.  This means that we need to raise at least $363,400 in order to maintain our existing staffing and program levels at Creekside.  Here are just a few programs we support:


Paraeducators – One reason we’re able to recruit and maintain great teachers is because of the additional staff support they receive from the Comet Fund. Your donations fully fund each of the paraeducators in our grade-level classrooms.

Classroom Supplies – This year your Comet Fund registration donation has allocated funds to each and every classroom for supplies so that each teacher would be able to fully fund classroom needs.  

Technology – Thanks to last year’s grant writing efforts that resulted in a very generous $2,500 grant from Safeway, and this year’s donations, the Comet Fund will be replacing our computers and other in-classroom devices, bringing us closer than ever to 1:1 ratio for all grades.

Library and Literacy Enrichment – Donations allow each classroom to borrow books from our library once a week and have our library open the whole school day every day of the week. Without donations, our library would only be open 2 days a week.  Note that we received a grant from Ross for $2,000 for classroom and library books.  

Vocal Music – You most likely hear your children singing songs and letting you know how much fun they are having preparing for the Winter Concert. Without the Comet Fund donations, this special vocal music program could not happen. The vocal music program at Creekside is an important element in a well-rounded education and your child’s life.  

Art Program – Without the Comet Fund and the PTA, there would be no art in school, it’s just that simple. Your donations FULLY fund Art in the classroom with the wonderfully artistic staff who runs this program through Comet Fund donations and supplies through the PTA.

Reading and Math Specialists – without donations, these teachers would not be able to help supplement your students understanding in the areas they may need  a little more time and attention in developing. We allocate 3 dedicated staff members each year to these specialties. 


We have the privilege of working with the most talented teachers and staff, as well as a tremendous volunteer force, loaded with passion and talent.  We’ve been putting that passion and talent to work to raise enough money to support these programs and our existing staffing, because we know that with your help and donations, every Creekside Comet benefits!  


Thanks to your generous support, corporate matching funds, grants, and the generous support of our year-long sponsors (Danville Pediatric Dentistry and Livermore Auto Mall), we have raised $292,605 to date.  When those donations are coupled with generous donations the Comet Fund received at the end of the 2017-2018 school year, we only need to raise $70,795 between now and February in order to fully fund our existing staffing and programming for the year.  


We need your help to make this a reality.  I’d like to encourage you to make a difference by helping us in any way you can. Here are a few easy ways to help:

  • Corporate Matching Funds
  • On-Line Auction Donations and Purchases
  • Comet Fund Dining Days  
  • Join the Comet Fund Board
  • Donate – it’s not too late!

From sending feedback, providing suggestions, sharing your talent or even taking on a volunteer role for a large event, your support is necessary to our mission and it is why Creekside is such a stand-out school.  Please bookmark  Here you will find pertinent information regarding upcoming Comet Fund events, opportunities, news, an online donation link, and much more.  Let’s go above and beyond last years' success!


Thank you,
Aaron Tarzian                                                                      Dana Tsubota
Principal, Creekside Elementary School                    President, Creekside Comet Fund


We are using the California Healthy Kids Survey this year to update our Comprehensive School Safety Plan. 5th Graders are taking the student survey at school. This year there is a parent survey component. Please take a moment to complete the survey for Creekside. This data will be used by our school site council and leadership teams to make decisions about how to improve our school. Go here to complete the survey: (due by Nov. 29th).


More info about the survey:

The California School Parent Survey (CSPS) is designed to provide teachers, administrators, and other school staff with information directly from parents that can be used to foster positive learning and teaching environments, parent involvement, and student achievement, health, and well-being. The act of asking parents to provide their perceptions of the school is in itself an empowering parent-involvement activity. The survey is an effective tool to assess parent involvement in the Local Control and Accountability Plan and is great to be used along with the CHKS and CSSS to compare parent, student, and staff perceptions.


Dear Families,

Did you know Creekside works with the CCC Public Works Dept., the CHP, the CCC Sheriff's Dept., Alamo Creek HOA, and our students to help keep our kids safe on their trip to and from school each day! In addition to all of this, we are continuing our student education component around pedestrian and bicycle safety by inviting Street Smarts to work with students during assemblies and a bike rodeo this year (thank you Creekside PTA for organizing this). You can help too by making sure you drive slowly and carefully while picking13379763001393999531DriveSlow.svg.hi.png up and dropping off your children at school.  If you are not able to walk/ride to and from school with your child, have them join a group of children and adults that are also walking or riding. More people together is safer!


Please remember to:

  • Use the designated drop-off and pick-up area along the front of the school (double-parking while dropping off students on Charbray street is not permitted). 
  • Be mindful of the crosswalks. Do not enter a crosswalk or intersection when children are inside crosswalk. When you think it is safe to proceed, do so very slowly. Teach children to make eye contact with the driver. Drivers/pedestrians/cyclists should follow the instructions of the crossing guard.
  • Cross using the Charbray/Massara crosswalk so that a crossing guard is present (please do not jay walk across the streets). For safety reasons, students walking home from school alone are instructed to use this crosswalk even if it is not the most direct route (the extra exercise to retrace some steps is good for all).
  • Have your son/daughter riding bikes/scooters/skates wear a helmet and stop to walk across all intersections after making eye contact with drivers. 
  • Be aware of "no parking" signs, fire hydrants, and other fire areas (like the fire lane that connects to Charbray Street). Fines for blocking these are significant. 
  • Follow the posted speed limit signs. The streets in our neighborhood are all posted at 25 MPH, but the slower the better! Please drive very slowly and carefully when children are present. 
  • Specifically in the TK/Kindergarten parking area, please don't park in the bus zone and drive slowly and carefully as this is an area many students/parents are walking through the parking lot.

If we all promise to proceed carefully, we will ensure the safety all of all of our children.  It's that easy!


More information and a parking map can be found on this page of our school website.



Mr. T, Principal


Dear Families,

One easy and FREE way for you to support your favorite elementary school this holiday season (and all year long) is to make all of your online purchases using a company that gives a portion of your purchase to our school. Instead of using the Amazon app on your phone or by going to we are hoping you might start using It is exactly the same shopping experience as, but you can designate Creekside Comet Education Fund as your charity the first time you visit the site. That way, every time you purchase something from Amazon, a donation is made to our school. It's as easy as that! The hardest thing to remember is to always navigate to for every purchase instead of or using the app. 


Here are the steps to sign up for the first time:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. You will be presented a page that asks which charity you would like to support. Type in the search box: "Creekside Comet Education Fund" and select it. 
  4. Always shop using and we will receive a donation!

If you forget where to go, we have posted a link at the top left-hand side of our school website so you can find it easily. This can help our Comet Fund make its budget this year and catch up to our fundraising goal. Please spread the word. Go Comets!”



Mr. T, Principal 






Our school’s website is in the process of being converted to a new, easier to navigate, more accessible format. The date of the conversion is set for the week of December 3rd and may take up to 5 days to be completed. During the transition time, the website may be slightly out of date until the new site is published. 


Please forgive the temporary inconvenience. We think you will be pleased with the final product. If you have questions about the accuracy of something you are seeing on the site, please check with your teacher(s) or the school office. 


Thank you for your patience. 


Dear Families,

The California Department of Education has released our overall State Test Scores for the 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations to the staff and students at Creekside for scoring in the top 3% of all public elementary schools in California (last year we were only in the top 4%)! As always, it's important to remember that this is only one measure of our school's performance and there are many measures when looking at a school's overall performance. However, it is also important to recognize the hard work that our staff and students have done to achieve this level of performance on these rigorous assessments of student learning. Go Comets! 


While this information highlights our overall performance on CA State Assessments, it's important to note that the Creekside staff/teachers review each individual student's performance as it is our goal for each of our students to have success on these assessments and at school. In addition to reviewing individual student assessment results, we work as a staff and site council to review subgroups of data to determine next steps for improvement at our school. In fact, many of the goals we set as a site council and staff this past year based on our past year's results, were areas where we showed much growth in 2017-18. Go Creekside! 


For more information about Creekside's test scores (or to interact with the graphs pasted below), go directly to our school on School Digger



Mr. T, Principal 





Dear Families,


Have you noticed the No Place for HATE promise posted around Creekside's campus? This year Creekside is working with the Anti-Defamation League, which was founded in 1913 to secure justice and fair treatment for all. The No Place for Hate program is geared toward giving students an opportunity to understanding the damaging impact that bullying and prejudice have on individuals as well as the social fabric of schools. The initiative is designed to rally our school community around the goal of stopping all forms of bias and bullying as well as fostering a culture of respect and learning. 


Creekside Comets will be learning about the No Place for Hate Promise this year and will participate in “No Place for Hate” school-wide activities that promote respect for differences, deepen understanding about bias and identity-based bullying and develop ally skills across our community.  Our first activity is bringing back Peacemakers to our playground to help students solve conflict and problems on our playground. Thirty Peacemakers are in the process of being trained to help guide all of our students in this important work. 


We encourage you to discuss this exciting initiative with your child. As part of No Place for Hate, and the commitment to being respectful and supportive of others, students will be encouraged to adopt the No Place for Hate Promise, as follows:

  • I PROMISE to do my best to treat everyone fairly.
  • I PROMISE to do my best to be kind to everyone – even if they are not like me.
  • IF I SEE someone being hurt or bullied I will tell a teacher.
  • EVERYONE should be able to feel safe and happy in school.
  • I WANT OUR SCHOOL to be No Place for Hate. 

To learn more or to get involved with No Place for Hate at Creekside, please contact Aaron Tarzian, Shirin Dodson, or Lauren Fitzsimons.  Together we can make our community a safe and welcoming space for all. 



Mr. T, Principal


Dear Families,

Please join us on October 29, 2018 @ 7am for an important interactive conversation about the programs provided for students in the SRVUSD. 


Each year, as a provision of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), Districts must look at the programs they are offering and how they are currently spending their money. They capture this information in a document called the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is developed with the input of stakeholders from the District. The information contained in the LCAP is used to develop the District budget.
The voices of all stakeholders are welcomed and important in the yearly LCAP revision process. Parents, staff, students and community members all have a role to play in the planning and decision-making about the education of our students. 


The SRVUSD has a committee that meets regularly throughout the LCAP season to evaluate data and input from stakeholders. In order to inform the work of this committee, the school sites are each holding an interactive LCAP review session to gather input. The conversation will focus on the 8 State Mandated Priorities and how the District is currently meeting those priorities. Then you will have a chance to list your priorities and ideas. We will pass our findings on to the District committee.


Click to view the District’s current LCAP. 


Click for more information on the LCFF and the LCAP.


I hope that you will make time in your busy schedules to join us for a short, interactive LCAP session so that your voice can be heard. 


Date: Oct 29
Time: 7am-8am
Place: Creekside Library



Mr. T, Principal 


32nd District PTA is proud to join the Contra Costa County Office of Education to offer this

unique opportunity for all school parents in our county…


Parent Coffee:


An intimate conversation with Nicole Hockley,

Founding Member of Sandy Hook Promise


Wednesday, October 24, 2018


7:30 – 8:30 a.m.


Pleasant Hill Community Center

320 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill CA


The morning will include:


• Brief presentation by Nicole Hockley followed by Q & A

• Progress of the “Safe Schools for All” Initiative and Sandy Hook Promise Partnership in schools/school districts throughout Contra Costa County

• Continental breakfast


No cost, but please RSVP at:


Background: The Contra Costa County Office of Education is excited and proud to announce its partnership with Sandy Hook Promise. CCCOE’s 2018-19 “Safe Schools for ALL!” initiative will feature the Sandy Hook Promise ‘Know the Signs’ programs as we introduce these no-cost programs to middle and high schools throughout Contra Costa County. Like Sandy Hook Promise, CCCOE and the 32nd District PTA are committed to preventing violence on school campuses by encouraging and supporting solutions that create safer, healthier homes, schools and communities!


For more information, go to:




You may have seen “Everyone is Welcome Here” signs popping up around the San Ramon Valley. These signs are the result of the work of a community-based committee that worked along with
students and teachers from the SRVUSD to develop the Inclusive Sign Project. 
Students from Dougherty Valley and California High School art programs worked with the committee to develop a welcoming sign that can be displayed in businesses, schools, homes, places of worship and organizations throughout the San Ramon Valley.  The signs signify that the San Ramon Valley Unified School District and its partners strive for a diverse and truly inclusive community by welcoming all individuals, regardless of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, gender, gender identity or gender expression. 
Residents, businesses and community members interested in joining SRVUSD in its endeavor to create a more inclusive San Ramon Valley, should contact The District is also interested in finding a partner to help with the cost of printing so that the signs can be distributed more widely. For more information, visit:



Creekside’s Annual Halloween Parade is on Wednesday, October 31st at 8:30am on the playground (weather permitting). You are invited to join in the fun and view our Halloween parade!

Wednesday, October 31 is a minimum day and students will be released early: 

  • Gr. TK/K 8:10-10:40 (no early/late friends)   
  • Gr 1-5 8:00-11:50


Friday, Nov. 2 is a staff professional development day:

Click here for Halloween Parade Info for Parents & Costume Guidelines



Dear Families,

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. This year Creekside Comets are being asked to participate in World Day of Bullying Prevention on October 1st. We ask students, parents, and businesses to #BlueUp on Monday, Oct. 1 by wearing blue to promise they will never bully or they will report it if they ever see it. The collective efforts of EVERYONE is so important to raise awareness to make Monday 10-1-18 the day that bullying prevention is heard around the world.


Do you know what bullying is? Many people overuse the word and call every conflict between two individuals bullying. Be smart about bullying and review this information with your Comet or ask them to check out one of the Is it Rude, Mean, or Bullying? posters around our school. Want to learn more about identifying bullying in schools, I highly recommend you read this article by anti-bullying leader Signe Whitson, a published school counselor,



Mr. T, Principal 



The Run for Education is coming up...  have you registered yet?




Dear Families,
I am writing to inform you that we conducted a lockdown DRILL today in case students discuss it today when they get home. This was just a drill--just for practice. This drill was planned for this date earlier this year and is not a result of recent unfortunate events in the news.


Everything went very well with the drill. Our students and staff followed their training perfectly! Our Watch DOGS (Dads of Great Student) helper even helped us simulate reporting the intruder to the office, so it would be more realistic. Thank you to all Watch DOGS helpers for having an extra pair of eyes on our campus each day! 


I am very proud of our Comets and staff! The safety of our students is of utmost importance and practicing is the only way to ensure that students and staff know what to do in the unlikely case of an emergency. 


Aaron Tarzian, Principal  


Our school site council is looking for parents interested in serving on the school site council for this year. The site council meets once a month on Monday mornings at 7 a.m. and sometimes we meet remotely in the evening utilizing online meeting rooms. We have two parent openings for this year. These openings are for a two-year term. If you are interested in running for a position on the Creekside school site council, please email me at Please make sure to include your child's name in the email. The election will be held as soon as we have candidates! 


More info about site council:
The council is a group of teachers, parents and classified employees who work with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets. The member of the site council are elected by their peers. For example, parents elect the parent representatives and teachers elect the teacher representatives. 

Questions school site councils ask:
--What are the goals and priorities of our school?
--What data do we have that shows how well we are achieving those goals?
--Are we progressing toward our goals?
--Are there particular groups of students who are not doing as well as others?
--What supports could we put in place to help struggling students?
--How will we fund those supports?
--How will we know if our programs are effective?
To learn more about site councils and their work, please read this article.



Dear Families,

Thank you to all of our families that supported our school this last week by donating to our Comet Chase and for all of our Comets for running their little hearts out! This was such a joyful event full of great exercise with the goal to continue the excellent programs funded by the Creekside Comet Fund. We are excited to announce that the Comet Chase raised $33,694 for our school which is $1,700 over our goal! Thank you to all of you that pledged our students and for helping make our school such a great place for our kids! A special thank you to our volunteers Julie Gase, Jenny Quinto, Nancy DiOrio, and Amy Hsu for making the Comet Chase happen for our Comets! 


If you enjoyed the Comet Chase, you might also be interested in getting your family out of the house for the SRVEF Run for Education. The Run for Education is a community event that supports our school as well as the larger San Ramon Valley Education Foundation. This year it is occurs on Sunday, Oct. 14th. Not a runner, there are many other opportunities to volunteer or participate in this event and support our schools. Please register now or check it out by visiting the SRVEF Run for Education website. If you lose this email, you can register by going to the front page of our website anytime (on the left-hand side)! 



Mr. T, Principal 



This year, the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) for grades 3-7 will be administered on Saturday, November 3, 2018. The online registration window is August 13 - September 23, 2018. Any student in grades 3-4 may sign up to take the CogAT. For grades 5-7, only students new to our district may sign up to take the CogAT. The district GATE webpage contains more information and the registration link for the CogAT testing on November 3, 2018


Wednesday, September 26
7:15am in the MPR



Dear Families,

A couple of weeks ago we had our Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) information meeting. If you missed it, you can still sign up to help! We have many days open on our sign up! Not a dad, you are welcome too! 


Here are the steps to sign up:

1. Complete the level 1 volunteer clearance process (unless you have already done so previously)

2. Sign up for at least one date (you must be able to commit to at least one whole school day)

3. Order your uniform shirt (required) & order child's shirt (optional)

4. Read over this important orientation information so you are prepared for your day

Notes about registration for Watch D.O.G.S.:

  • The adult uniform shirt is required in order to participate
  • The student (child's) shirt is optional but students like to wear them on the day their dad/family is the volunteer 

Thank you for supporting our school and this program! If you want to learn more about Watch D.O.G.S., click here. 


Mr. T


Attention Grade 3-5 GATE Families:

We have our annual information meeting scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 27 at 7:30AM in the Library. Please join us to learn about our GATE program at Creekside, as well as learn about opportunities to volunteer and support our GATE extracurricular program. 


Dear Families,

Ready! Set! GO!!! The Comet Chase is a very important school fundraiser we hold each year. What makes it one of my favorites is that the students get so excited and involved while also showing a lot of pride in their school!  If you have never attended the event, I encourage you to make time Friday, Sept. 21st so you can see firsthand our proud, smiling, healthy Comets making laps around our makeshift track. Click here to learn more about the Comet Chase and support our school! We are hoping that with your unwavering support, we will meet our fundraising goal this year earlier than ever! Go Comets! And thank you Comet Fund team (especially theFATEfactory videography) for putting together this awesome promotional video for the event this year! Check it out below! 

Mr. T 





• A FUNdraiser FUN RUN that empowers our children to raise money for the school while incorporating
health & physical fitness.
• ALL students may participate with their grade level in the run/walk event by jogging or walking laps on our
makeshift track for 20 min. (TK, Kinder, and 1st Grade) to 30 min. (2nd – 5th Grade).
• Students can collect donations from family, friends, and neighbors (please only approach familiar faces, no door to door asks).
• The whole school comes together to run, listen to music, cheer and snack!


8:25 - 8:55 1st Grade   9:15 - 9:45 5th Grade
10:20 - 10:50 TK/Kindergarten   11:15 - 11:45 3rd Grade
12:35 - 1:05 2nd Grade   1:30 - 2:00 4th Grade

Are you a 4th/5th grader wanting to run for student council? If so, please complete/review the Student Council Application for the 2018-19 school year on the Student Council webpage by September 7, 2018. 

If you have any questions, please speak with Mrs. Spatcher or Mrs. Fitzsimons.


Dear Families,

The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) are gathering for the first timelogo-WatchDogs.jpg this week on Thursday, 9/6 at 7:00pm in the Creekside MPR. Pizza and hot dogs will be served! We are hoping to continue the Watch D.O.G.S program at our school to encourage dads and other male role models to volunteer in our school for the purpose of...

  • getting some additional eyes/hands available to help our students each day
  • making our campus even more secure and safe
  • proving students with fathers that work full time a way for them to feel like their parent is also involved/connected to the school
  • sending a powerful message to the students that it’s "cool" for dads/grandpas/uncles/guys to be supporting young elementary students with their learning at school

Please join us on Thursday, 9/6 if you are interested in volunteering in Watch DOGS. Please help get the word out by talking this up with other dads/uncles/grandpas. This is an easy way to get involved at Creekside. The minimum commitment is just one school day, so it's easy to make this work with your busy dad schedule!


We are purchasing pizza and hot dogs and need you to RSVP so we can order enough food. Click here to RSVP. Have questions, email

Aaron Tarzian, Principal 


Dear Creekside Families,

We have had a wonderful first two weeks of school and are hard at work here at Creekside. There are a few miscellaneous items/reminders that can help our families and our Comets have an organized, happy, safe, and healthy school year full of learning!

  • Food-based birthday treats are not allowed at Creekside - click here to read more about why/what treats are allowed.
  • Please drive safely and park legally in our neighborhood. Please review our arrival/dismissal procedures and parking map by clicking here
  • Please remember that we don't have supervision on the main grade 1-5 playground until 7:45am. Many students have arrived before then and are unsupervised. Kinder/TK supervision starts at 7:55am.
  • Our Creekside Student Handbook and Comprehensive Safety Plan both have a wealth of information about school rules, procedures, and safety for our school. 
  • District required minimum days always seem to sneak up on us. For this reason, we have identified all of them for you in one place. They are also posted on our calendar and on the front page of our website for future reference. Click here to see which days are minimum days this year. 
  • Please write names on jackets, lunch boxes, etc... so they can be returned if lost.

Thanks for reviewing this information. Here's to another great year at Creekside!



Mr. T, Principal 


Creekside does not allow food-based birthday treats to be shared at school. Instead, we are asking for families that would like to celebrate birthdays at school to provide a "treat" from one of the possible ideas listed below. By not allowing food-based birthday treats, we help all of our Comets be happier, safer, and healthier.


Food-based birthday treats add up! In a classroom of 30 students, over the course of 9 months of school, students will consume an average of 3 treats per month - that's almost one every week! Eating a donut or cupcake once a week for someone's birthday becomes less than a "once-in-awhile" treat and more of a routine snack. And that is a lot of sugar! 


Many of our students have life-threatening allergies. Birthday treats are the most dangerous for students with allergies because teachers generally don't know if they are coming and what will be served. And if a treat arrives, there is not enough time to make sure the treat is safe for all students.


Our staff have been instructed to turn away food-based birthday treats; so please don't bring them. Instead, if you or your child wants to bring something in for his/her birthday, pick one of these ideas or think of something else creative:

  • special pencils (pre-sharpened is always appreciated)
  • special erasers
  • notepads
  • crayons
  • water-based markers
  • bouncy balls
  • washable tatoos
  • pencil toppers
  • goofy straws
  • mini-games (like travel size checkers)
  • a game for the classroom
  • a puzzle for the classroom
  • stickers
  • books for each student
  • books for the classroom library
  • hi-lighters
  • colored glue sticks
  • yo-yos
  • Sudoku
  • word searches
  • crossword puzzles
  • mad libs workbooks
  • glow sticks/bracelets
  • silly putty
  • smencils
  • jump ropes
  • playdough
  • sidewalk chalk
  • slap bracelets
  • anything you can think that kids would love!

As always, if you don't want your child to receive gifts at school for birthdays or other holidays, please contact your teacher to let him/her know. 

Please help our students be healthy, safe, and happy by complying with this policy!


2018-19 Minimum Days
August 13, 31
October 4, 8-12, 31
December 20
March 12-15, 29
May 31


Minimum Day Bell Schedule
Gr. TK/K 8:10-10:40 (no early/late friends)
Gr 1-5 8:00-11:50


Click here for SRVUSD Minimum Day/Bell Schedule Info


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Welcome back Creekside Comets!


I am very excited for the new school year!  I hope everyone enjoyed back to school night and you were able to meet all of your wonderful teachers!  


If you are new at Creekside, welcome!  You and your students will not only love our teachers and staff, but the great community feel we have at Creekside. Being the PTA president, I have the opportunity to be a part of what brings us together, inside and outside of the classroom.


Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!  This is a great way to stay connected and to understand all of the wonderful events that are happening at the school.  


I look forward to meeting everyone throughout the school year.  My hope for this year is to continue to grow our volunteer base, it is so critical and rewarding to be involved and to ensure that all the wonderful events and programs continue to enrich our community.  


We are always looking for volunteers!  Whether you have a small amount of time or are interested in leading an event.  If you want to know more information about how you can get involved, please feel free to email me at


Let’s have a fantastic 2018/2019 school year!  


Go Comets!

Lydia Facteau

PTA President


Dear Families,

We are one full week into another great school year at this wonderful school! I want to start the year by thanking all of you that donated to our Comet Fund during online or walk-through registration this year.  Our Comets thank you for making our educational program complete by providing additional academic, social-emotional, art, and music resources to every Creekside student! The overwhelming support of our Comet Fund shows exactly how much this community values their child's education. Your donations make Creekside even stronger and each child benefits from this! 


Don't know what I'm referring to...

  • Check out the infographic below. It explains the differences between the different fundraising groups and goals at Creekside
  • Haven't donated yet and want to make one, click here 
  • Want to learn more about the Comet Fund and/or get involved, go here on our webpage


Mr. T, Principal





Back-to-School Night
Gr. 1-3 Monday, 8/20 6pm
Gr. 4-5 Wednesday, 8/22 6pm
Welcome back gathering in MPR: 6:00pm
Classroom presentations: 6:30pm - 7:30pm




Dear Gr. 1-2 Creekside Families,
Our grade 1-2 students will be participating in “Assessment Day Schedule" for the first and second week of school. This has been standard practice at most elementary schools across the district for many years, but is new to Creekside this school year. 


What does this mean for your first/second grader? He/she will be released from school at 1:20pm (following the 2018-19 bell schedule) on August 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, and 24th.  August 15 and 22 are already 1:20 dismissal days for all students since they are Wednesdays. 


Why was this schedule created? Each of these days some students will be asked to stay at school after dismissal to work with the teacher so that the teacher can complete the one on one assessments required in primary grades at the beginning of the school year. Teachers use these assessments to make individualized instructional decisions and classroom groupings for students, so it is helpful to add this schedule for Creekside grade 1-2 students. 


Creekside will be working with Kids Country to provide care during these hours for students not completing assessments. Assessments are pre-assessments for instructional purposes and are not those that should be “studied for.” 


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Aaron Tarzian, Principal
Creekside Elementary School 

Gr. 1-2 Schedule for first two weeks of school:

--Monday, Aug 13



--Tuesday, Aug 14 through Friday Aug 24 



Click here for the 2018-19 Bell Schedules 


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