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Principal's Message

Mrs. Tumilty




Creekside is a unique and special place.  At Creekside we all value the importance of connecting with each child to understand their strengths and passions.  When children have a connection to their community and an opportunity to spark their interests they focus more on their learning in the classroom.  We value each student and their background, identity and family''s culture.  We want all children to feel safe and to feel seen.  Creekside has a tremendously talented and passionate teaching faculty and staff who all work towards creating a rigorous, diverse and enriching learning environment.  Students learn Character Traits each month that lead to our Pyramid of Success.  In addition, students at Creekside learn about how to talk out problems, how to follow the Comet Way and how to identify their emotions using the Zones of Regulation.  Our site is fortunate to have special programs funded by our Comet Ed Fund and we are grateful to our parent community for organizing and supporting community events sponsored by our PTA.  All Comets should feel welcome in our engaging learning environments throughout our campus whether it be in classrooms, the Science Lab, in PE, in Art, in Instrumental Music, the Library, the STEAM Zone or during recess.  It's a great day to be a Comet!

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