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Student Council

Student Council 2018-19 Application & Elections

Please complete/review the Student Council Application for the 2018-19 school year by completing the form embedded below or by clicking here: Student Council Application (due by September 7, 2018)

If you have any questions, please speak with Mrs. Spatcher or Mrs. Fitzsimons.


*This application is only for students in grades 4 & 5
*This application is to be completed by the student running for office.
*This application is due by Sept. 7
*Posters (max of 2 no larger than 24"x36") can be hung with blue tape in the MPR starting on Sept. 10th (see guidelines below)
*Speeches (president/vice-president candidates only) will occur Sept. 14 (see guidelines below)
*Posters need to be removed from the MPR on Sept. 14th
*Results will be announced on Sept. 17th


Guidelines candidates agreed to follow:

*Speeches are limited to president and vice president (1 min for each speech). Your speech should adhere to the Comet Code: Safe, Respectful, Responsible.

*Speeches must be live and without other audio/visual accompaniment (notes/notecards are allowed; speeches do NOT have to be memorized)

*No candy, stickers, flyers, bookmarks, handouts, or any gifts can be given out as a part of the campaign or during your speech

*Each candidate can make two (no larger than 24"x36") posters and hang them in the MPR using blue tape. You may decorate your poster however you choose as long as its content is safe, respectful, and responsible.