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Michelle McConnell

What is Happening in P.E.

Happy Spring!  I am so glad that the sun is out, it is warm and for the fact that we can be outside enjoying this beautiful spring weather!  I hope that the rain is behind us, and that it will stay sunny.  Our Creekside Record Board for the 2019-2020 school year has been updated so check that out when you have a chance!  


Phase 2 At Home P.E.


Here are some important announcements regarding At Home P.E. for the rest of the year.  


  1. I will be continuing to add new ideas, videos and resources to my website each week, so continue to check it out!


  1. I will be available for Office Hours every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  from 10am to 11am, via email at to answer any questions you might have, just to check-in and say "Hi" if you want, or shoot me an email to tell me all of the great things you are doing to stay active while at home.  


  1. I am asking that ONCE a week each student fill-out a quick P.E. Fitness Log.  All you have to do is click on one of the links below, or on the "P.E. Fitness Log" tab at the top of the page, and click the Fitness Log for your current grade, and let me know what fun things you are doing to keep your bodies moving!!  


1st Grade P.E. Fitness Log


2nd Grade P.E. Fitness Log


3rd Grade P.E. Fitness Log


4th Grade P.E. Fitness Log


5th Grade P.E. Fitness Log


  1. Keep a look out for me to be popping into your Google Classroom meetings for a 5 minute brain-break where we get to have some fun together, and get our bodies moving!


Can't wait to hear from you soon, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know.


Mrs. McConnell

Big Thanks to Scorpion Lacrosse

Some of our 1st to 5th grade students had the honor of learning lacrosse skills from Professional Lacrosse player, BJ Grill.  They had a blast!  Check out the link below for more information about Scorpion Lacrosse:



Lacrosse Day 1.pdf (PDF)


Some important things to remember when your child has his or her P.E. days are:

1) Student Attire

In an effort to provide the best opportunity for student's learning and success, parents need to make sure their child comes dressed properly for P.E. class. Students should have:

A) Tennis shoes with laces and socks--No skateboarder shoes with loose laces allowed, no sandals, boots, Ugg boots, rain boots, or crocks are allowed.

B) Comfortable clothes--If dresses are worn, please be sure shorts are worn underneath

2) Student Injury/Illness

Students need to bring a note from a parent/guardian if they are unable to participate in P.E. class.  This note is only valid for two P.E. classes.  If more time is needed to heal, a note from a doctor is required.

It is our belief that while an injury/illness may prevent a child from doing ALL activities during P.E. class, there are many activities in which they can still participate.  Thus, all notes to the P.E. Teacher should include:

A) Specific injury or illness

B) Specific activities child is not allowed to participate in

C) Parent signature and phone number

Why PE?.png
Happy Spring (3).jpg
Dress Code


Shoes must fully cover and protect your students feet, and either lace up or velcro to keep them tight. Uggs/boots, crocs, and sandals are not acceptable. This is a safety concern. 


Please make sure your student is wearing the proper attire on the day they have Physical Education. Students wearing skirts or dresses should have shorts on underneath so movement will not be restricted. Clothes should be loose fitting allowing for free range of motion.